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    • 610 Million active users

    • #1 Social Media Channel for B2B Leads

    • 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn when making a purchase decision

    • 75% of B2B buyers use social media when making a purchase decision

    • 90% of C-Suite executives never reply to cold calls or emails

    • GDPR Compliant

    • LINKEDIN = Building Business Success - FAST!

    Do you need a system that can generate new customer leads on a consistent basis ?
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    Imagine if you had a steady flow of leads delivered to your E-mail Inbox every single day, so you can focus on building new business relationships and closing sales.

    Do you need an expert to write your LinkedIn profile and optimize it so your ideal clients can find you ?

    How effectively are you using the power of LinkedIn ?

    Have you considered the benefits of using a complete Sales Funnel solution ?

    • Identify and find prospects from over 600-Million contacts

      Using our advanced filtering feature, you can find your perfect prospects for your outbound process. The most up-to-date and sophisticated prospect search.


      - Super-targeted outreach

      - Compatible with Sales Navigator

      - Compatible with LinkedIn Recruiter

    • Create unlimited personalised messages

      Scale your prospect nurturing process by scheduling unlimited messages. Auto follow-ups allow you to maximise your response rates and increase appointments.


      - Smart reply detection

      - Unlimited nurturing

    • Create multiple-segmented campaigns

      Once you set your prospecting criteria, you can automatically create multiple campaigns for different market segments.


      - Automate campaign creation for multiple segments

      - Automate the personalization process.


    • Improve conversions with analytics and reporting

      Get key insights with up-to-date metrics of your LinkedIn prospecting campaign to better understand things like your connection volumes and response rates.


      - Make smarter optimisations

      - Create data-driven changes

    Market Segmentation - Survey Funnels


    We can filter and qualify your Prospect Buyers into business $-revenue opportunities, using advanced automated online Survey software. 


    Based on the Survey segmentation results, we tag your list appropriately to be able to market professionally to them,  based on their specific needs requirements. We can custom-design, brand and build your online Survey, and even host this on your domain/ sub-domain.

    Database - List Building 


    We work with you to build the most up-to-date and most accurate Prospect Buyer contact database - Quickly & Easily.  This information is extracted from a number of reliable sources, including LinkedIn. We also use GetProspect.io for data extraction.


    Our survey result feedback plugs directly into this database to facilitate rapid segmented lists to be built.  We target these tagged lists using automated e-mail marketing campaigns.

    Automated E-mail Marketing - Sequence Management


    We engage with your Prospect Buyers via a sequencing funnel technique, while using leading-edge personalized e-mailing software.  As a result, every e-mail sent originates directly from your own e-mail server address and without all the branding on a typical e-mail footer (bottom of e-mail).  Therefore, this has the 'look & feel' of a personal e-mail, resulting in higher open rates.

    Automated Appointment Booking System


    We set up your Appointments Schedule and share these with you in real time.  Your customer engagements can be carried out via on-line Video Meetings like ZOOM (encrypted video calling) or in-person on customer site. 


    Calendar bookings will also be shared/ synced with your individual Outlook/ Google Calendar(s).

    Automated CRM Integration


    We can seamlessly integrate into virtually any CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.  Whether it's Zoho CRM | Salesforce | Active Campaign | Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Hubspot, all contact information is automatically transferred across, so every lead opportunity is captured, for follow-up.  If your CRM brand is not listed above, talk with us. 


    If you are looking for a new CRM, we can help.

    LIVE - Real-Time Reporting


    We provide you with a LIVE cloud-based Google spreadsheet where all new lead information is captured and stored for your review & analysis.  This includes - Campaign name | Date Added | FirstName | Last name | Company | E-mail | Location | Title | Occupation | Industry | Phone Number | Connections count | Followers count | Seen | Replied Status |  Member URL \ Birth date | All correspondence sent & received.  Now, who is the market leader, when it comes to data?

    Web Site - Landing Pages (Optional Extra)


    Looking for dedicated web site pages to provide specific products/ services.  


    We can build these for you, custom-designed and branded for your business.  These pages are ideal when working with online Surveys. 


    Based on Viewer preferences, we can re-direct them to your exact product/ service needs web page with a strong embedded 'Call-to-Action', including a Registration process and/ or displaying an online e-Commerce payment portal - Fully built and ready to receive payment!  

    On-line Membership Sites


    Do you have a digital product that you want to monetize online?  We can provide you with a fully managed Client Membership portal, whereby when a purchase is made, we grant them direct access to your product / service solution. 


    Login Membership access is ideal for online video courses, online training, or any form of digital download and can be accompanied with live or recorded webinars.  This information can be accessed on a drip-feed basis, i.e. one video tutorial series per week.

    Viral Referral Systems (Optional Extra)


    Generate traffic, grow your list and convert subscribers into customers.


    Free-flowing traffic, huge conversions and increased sales.  Sweep-stakes - Build more traffic, get more leads, and make more sales. 


    Rewards - Enjoy endless referrals with the Rewards System.  Gamify your campaigns to heighten competition and increase referrals.

    When you are ready to make a positive change inside your business ... START TODAY 

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    • STEP #1

      Identify your Ideal Clients -

      • On LinkedIn Sales Navigator
      • On LinkedIn Recruiter (For Recruitment Companies)
      • Segment your clients for professional personalized outreach
    • STEP #2

      Market Positioning -

      • Position your product and/ or service on LinkedIn to stand out from your competition
      • Set you/ your business up as the 'Go-To Solution Provider'
    • STEP #3

      Optimize your Presence -

      • Optimize your LinkedIn profile 
      • Customize your LinkedIn profile branding
      • Position yourself and/ or your business as an expert in front of your target market(s)
    • STEP #4

      Drive Traffic -

      • Drive traffic to your LinkedIn Profile 
      • Grow your LinkedIn connections count
      • Rapidly build customer rapport
      • Create customer dialogue and engagement - easily & effectively
    • STEP #5

      LinkedIn Outreach -

      • We can connect you with up to 100 target prospects per Day
      • That's a whopping 3,000 customer engagements per MONTH!  Please note that database contact sizes will vary, based on specific key target markets, by company.
      • We help you to target specific markets/ market segments and to engage with the right contacts that can a make a positive impact on your business. 
    • STEP #6

      We assist you with -

      • Designing / Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for results
      • Converting your LinkedIn leads into qualified meetings
      • Converting qualified leads into $-revenue opportunities for your business
      • Growing your business profit, while utilizing a lower cost-per-lead market outreach strategy - based on each new lead opportunity generated
    • Hundreds of new LinkedIn prospects added to your network monthly

    • Gain a predictable system for generating leads in your specific niche/ region

    • Your LinkedIn profile traffic will dramatically increase - Very quickly! 

    • Communicate your company's message in front of thousands of prospects

    • Place your marketing messages in your prospects' LinkedIn and E-mail Inboxes - regularly

    • Receive weekly progress report of Campaign Performance and one-to-one Campaign Analysis

    • Establish yourself and your business as the authority and expert in your field

    • Many new business relationships started

    • You can communicate with up to 3,000 uniquely personalized  messages monthly

    • On average, our customer's book between 15-25 qualified lead meetings per month

    Now, ask yourself the following key questions

    • How many new customer leads do you need each month to grow your Sales $-Revenue?

    • What is your present Cost-per-Lead $-value (on average), using your existing business model?

    • What's your present Sales Conversion Ratio, from new lead to closed sale?

    • MOST IMPORTANTLY - Are you now ready to work alongside an expert to quickly leverage your business profit growth?

    I simply cannot believe it!  This software does everything I expected.  We are receiving new qualified leads very day - lead opportunities that are much easier to close.  BTW - I love the Quiz funnel!

    Malcolm Delrose

    Campaign Manager

    I am truly amazed at what I'm seeing so far with this product. I've been in business for almost 12 years, and this has got to be one of the best tools I've come across.

    James Wright

    Chief of Operations

    Liz Malone

    Chief Marketer

    My LinkedIn connections are sky-rocketing!  The software is working great and I’m loving it!  No more manual typing.  I am easily saving at least 4-hours per day to do other activities.

    Susan Hunter

    Events Co-ordinator

    This system rocks! I have more than 300 new connections this week alone on my LinkedIn profile.  The quality of new leads is also very impressive.  This is probably the best investment that I have made all year.  Thanks, guys!

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